I am an economist with research focussed on Competition Policy and Industrial Organisation.

I am currently a senior lecturer at Johannes Kepler University Linz

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"Manufacturer Collusion and Resale Price Maintenance" The Journal of Industrial Economics, 2024 (with Matthias Hunold)

"Why Do Platforms Charge Proportional Fees? Commitment and Seller Participation"  in Review of Network Economics, 2023

(with Sebastian Wismer)

”Competition, Collusion, and Spatial Sales Patterns: Theory and Evidence” in The Journal of Industrial Economics, 2021 (with Hunold M., Hüschelrath K., Laitenberger U.)

”Licensing with free entry” in Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 2020 (with Doganoglu T., Inceoglu F.)

”Spatial competition and price discrimination with capacity constraints” in International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2019 (with Matthias Hunold)

”Resale Price Maintenance and Manufacturer Competition for Retail Services”  in the RAND Journal of Economics, 2017 (with Matthias Hunold)

Submitted Working Papers

Opportunism Problems of Colluding Manufacturers  (with Gieselmann J., Hunold M., Rasch A.)

Joint procurement by heterogeneous buyers  (with Isabel Helmrath and Matthias Hunold)